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My Story

As I lay on the sofa in my water villa in one of the beautiful Maldivian resorts, in the month of February 2023, gazing out at the stunning turquoise water, everything seemed so perfect.


But in reality, it was a critical and very emotional phase in my life.

I felt stuck, burnt-out and unfulfilled. I knew that I was meant for greatness and success, yet felt very far from it.

I was someone for whom their business meant everything. My business was not just a source of income, but an extension of myself, an integral part of my identity and purpose.

I have built a successful online coaching empire over the last three years, yet a nagging sense of emptiness persisted within me.

I reached a point where I was considering stopping coaching altogether.


My fear of commitment was a pattern I was struggling to overcome.

The root of this pattern began at just 12 years old, when my world was turned upside down after my parents got divorced, leaving me with a deep sense of abandonment. This feeling followed me into adulthood, manifesting as a fear of commitment.

Reading a book

During my late teenage years, I struggled to cope with these emotions and turned to unhealthy coping mechanisms, including toxic relationships and self-destructive behaviors.


At the age of 25 (2014), I hit rock bottom. I felt as though I was stuck in a deep black hole... but I knew deep down that I was destined for more. So I made the bold decision to leave my home in Lebanon and move to Dubai, where I could start fresh and be closer to my sister.

As I settled into my new environment, I landed a job at a corporate company. 

In the meantime, I began exploring various sports and I fell in love with yoga and fitness.


At the age of 28 (2017), I made a life-changing choice to quit my 9-5 job and follow the path that ignited my passion and brought me true fulfillment. I immersed myself further into my yoga and fitness journey, transforming it into a professional career.

In 2020, I achieved my first body transformation: I got rid of 9kgs of body fat, built muscles and attained the physique that I’ve always desired.


Teaching those strategies and methods to my clients, allowed me to generate a lot of money and grow my business. But still, something was missing.


My inner demons would show up time and time again - from my emotional eating patterns, to my fear of commitment and the feeling of emptiness that lingered within.

So I went into a quest for personal growth and fulfillment. 

In 2023, I had a moment of realization when I stumbled upon a sentence from my previous mentor that struck a chord with me: "Success is 80% internal and 20% external."


It finally clicked in my mind and I was filled with a deep conviction.

IMG_0142 2_edited.jpg

No perfect strategy , perfect body or thriving business were enough to make me feel truly happy and successful.

So I did something that was completely out of my character. I surrendered.


I let go of how success should look from the outside and began seeking answers from within me.

The grounding feeling that I felt when I was in the Maldives helped me to reflect on my journey and remember who I am. 

At the edge of giving up on my business, I realized that I had never been more devoted and committed because now I am finally stepping up and speaking my truth. My fear of commitment dissolved.

That day in the maldives, I decided to pivot my business.


I was teaching all the fitness and nutrition strategies, but not the deep mindset work, personal development and growth that played an indispensable role in my fitness and life’s transformation. 

I was truly an embodiment of all the combination of the years of work I have done on myself on all levels: personal, professional, spiritual, and emotional.

Today, I am committed to bringing my dreams to life and inspiring others to do the same.

I am fueled by my passion and guided by my purpose.

I embrace change and view challenges as opportunities for growth.


As a mentor, soul fitness & life coach, I’m here to play a bigger game and empower you to:

  • Upgrade your fitness, mindset, emotional well being and quality of life.

  • Achieve significant breakthroughs and profound transformations.

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