Begin your yoga journey with Karen Mattar 

This bundle covers everything you need to know on how to start or complement your yoga practice in a safe and efficient way. 

If you don’t know from where to start or need some motivation, this bundle is perfect for you. 

People always ask me about tips for yoga postures and how to start yoga. So I created this bundle that consists of 50 video tutorials with sequences/ flows to follow targeting different parts of your body (different durations depending on your schedule). All in one bundle.

Alignment, muscles engagement, tips and modifications, breathing technique and much more.

What's inside YogaKaMa eGUIDE?

Sequences to follow 20-35 min or 45-60 min
Tips & Modifications
Learn which muscles to engage
Learn the correct alignment
Learn the breathing technique
Flow in Sun Salutation A & B

  • Choose from a variety of Sequences/ flows to follow targeting different parts of your body.

  • Choose the duration of class that fits your schedule and convenient for you: 30-35 min class or 45-60 min class.

What's inside the eGUIDE?

  • 50 video tutorials on commonly used yoga postures that helped me with my own practice.

  • Sequences/ flows to follow targeting different parts of your body.

  • Sequences flows of different durations: 20-35 minutes to fit your busy schedule or 45-60 minutes to delve deeper.

  • Mentorship from a professional. 

  • Sun salutation A and B. Breakdown step by step.

  • Foundational asanas, externally rotated (open-hip) standing postures, Neutral standing pose, seated stretches, backbends, crow and headstand.

  • Benefits of each posture.

  • Wrists warm up.

  • Breathing technique.

  • Correct alignment.

  • Muscles engagement.

  • Finding freedom within your body.

  • How to safely get into each posture.

  • Modifications and tips. 

  • Questions and answers.

  • Things you need to know before you start.

  • Name of each posture  in english and sanskrit.

  • Everything you need to know on how to start/ complement your yoga journey.


Having purchased online classes myself, finding bits and pieces here and there,

I have never found a proper bundle with video tutorials that gathers all information needed to start a yoga practice. This bundle covers EVERYTHING you need to know on how to start or complement your yoga journey EFFICIENTLY and in a safe way. 

And most importantly, these are VIDEO tutorials not an EBOOK.

 It was much harder for me to create videos rather than an ebook but definitely worth it for you to learn properly.

Our mind understands much better with visuals.


Want a sneak peak?

Wrists strength, mobility and flexibility are very important to practice arm balances and inversions. 

These aspects are also important  in a normal yoga practice.

We are not used to bear weight on our wrists in our daily life but in a yoga practice we use them a lot, even in a simple posture like downward facing dog (that can be a challenging asana).

Warming up your wrists before a yoga practice will keep them healthy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have access to the eGUIDE for life?

Yes. Once you buy it (1 time payment) , it will be yours forever.


Where can I practice?

You can practice anywhere. At home, in a gym, in a park, at the beach... All you need is a yoga mat and your motivation.

Is this bundle suitable for all levels?

This bundle is suitable for beginners.