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Upgrade your body and your mind

Health & Wellness

Here you can find different options for you to choose from when it comes to leveling up your health & fitness so that you can look at yourself in the mirror and say "Damn! I am one hot woman!", and so that you can finally be in charge of your mind and body instead of being controlled by it (emotional eating, not being able to see the results that you are hoping for). 


Customized Training + Nutrition-

4 weeks Training only w/o telegram access 222$/ mo

4 weeks Training only w/ telegram access  444$/ mo

4 weeks Training + Nutrition w/ telegram access 897$/ mo

*Telegram access includes support and guidance from Karen with weekly check ins/ follow ups  and accountability.

* Training + Nutrition includes an Integrated & Personalized Nutrition Toolkit.

*After purchase you'll get an email with the next steps for your onboarding process and getting you started!

1:1 online private coaching
for health & wellness

This exclusive package offers close proximity with Karen, encompassing not just fitness and nutrition guidance, but also personalized mentorship through Zoom calls and voxer. You will delve into mindset topics like overcoming emotional eating to optimize your results. It's tailored for those truly dedicated to achieving their goals, seeking enhanced support, and desiring direct access to Karen. For online private coaching please send a DM on IG to @karenmattar

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